110 Tactical Chest Rig Vest Black

$164.00 USD


The 110 Chest Rig is built to safely store and easily access your everyday daily carries. 
Ballistic abrasion resistant pockets make sure your goods are protected, while the velcro closure secures your goods safely. 
Easily and quickly detach the chest rig with FIDLOCK magnetic buckles. Then reattach and secure magnetically using the FIDLOCK buckles.
Suspend your phone and free up your hands while using apps such as navigation. The chest rig opens to allow your phone to be securely placed in the suspension board.
No more sweat spots. Mesh backing allows you to wear the 110 for extended periods of time without the pressure and heat of a traditional chest rig.
This chest rig is meant to battle all conditions with water AND oil repellency backed by Teflon fabrication.
The 110 is finished with water repellent zippers.
This rig can be worn both forwards and backwards.

Fabric Technology

  • Teflon Water Repellency
  • Ballistic Abrasion Resistant Pockets
  • Mesh Backing
  • 100% Polyester /100% Nylon


  • Water Repellent Zippers
  • FIDLOCK Magnetic Buckles
  • Adjustable Buckles


One size fits all

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