042 CARGOS 2.0

$155.00 USD


Through more developed science, customer feedback, exstensive research, and strong collaborative efforts: Uniden X Reindee Lusion deliver the 042 Cargos 2.0. 

What's New?

The new version of the 042 Cargos 2.0 introduces the Fidlock magnetic buckles for easier and quick attachments of the support straps. No more having to struggle with attaching the straps, as magnets make this a breeze.

The support straps now come with quick release clips to remove the straps faster than ever.

The new Shadow Grid fabric is 50% more silent while moving, just like a shadow. This new fabric still utilizes the 3M Scotchgard repellent technology but is now more breathable than ever. 

The subtle grid pattern added to the 042 Cargos 2.0 showcases a design flare and detail and attention given to every piece.

And for the first time ever, we introduce the magnetic cargo pocket.

The left cargo pocket contains two hidden magnets that snap the pocket closed with ease, while securely storing your goods inside. 

The right cargo pocket contains upgraded ballistic material on the split mag pouches—allowing for additional durability and abrasion resistance.

YKK auto locking zippers have been added to increase zipper functionality for the left cargo pocket. The two back pockets also include invisible zippers to covertly secure your goods.

One of the main focal points for the deeper collaboration of the 042 model was to incorporate further durability. That was achieved by reinforcing the crotch, pockets, and crotch zipper with double stitching to make your movement increase to its full potential.

These 042 Cargos 2.0 are the cream of the crop in the cargo pants category. Complete functionality and proven durability will make you fall in love with the 042 Cargos 2.0 every day.

Features & Hardware

  • Adjustable taper, wide or skinny fit
  • Removable support straps
  • FIDLOCK magnetic buckles with RL branding
  • Ratchet buckle waist clip
  • Magnetic cargo pocket 
  • Ballistic twin mag pouches
  • Invisible zippered rear pockets
  • Water repellent (DWR) backed by Scotchgard 3M 90/5
  • Reinforced seams
  • Belt loops
  • Quick release support straps
  • YKK Zippers


DWR (90/5) Shadow Grid Fabric

90% Polyester 10% Spandex


If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing down.

Waist Length Leg opening  Thigh
XS 28.0 37.4 10.0 26.4
S 30 37.4 10.4 28.0
M 32 38.2 10.8 29.5
L 34.5 39.0 11.2 31.1
XL 36 39.8 11.6 32.7
XXL 38 39.8 12.0 34.3
Waist Length Leg opening  Thigh
XS 71 95 25.5 67
S 76 95 26.5 71
M 82 97 27.5 75
L 88 99 28.5 79
XL 92 101 29.5 83
XXL 97 101 30.5 87

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